Managing change for successful implementation

In With the New: Managing Change for a Successful Implementation

It can be said that change management is the most complex part of the software implementation process. Learn how a well-planned, properly communicated strategy and project plan, with the right team, tools and leadership support aligned, is key to success.
Prediction Precision A Forecast Is Only Good as Inputs

Prediction Precision: A Forecast Is Only as Good as its Inputs

Predicting the future is a daunting proposition, yet critical to retail success. What components drive forecasting with precision? Data integrity, outlier identification, AI and machine learning set you up for great forecasting that is consistently reliable and accurate over time.
Smart and Final store image

Smart & Final Implements Logile’s Enterprise Store Planning and Workforce Management Solutions Across All Retail Stores

Warehouse grocer Smart & Final has completed implementation of Logile’s store planning and workforce management solutions in all 256 of its stores across California, Arizona and Nevada. Logile’s industry-leading technology improves Smart & Final’s operational efficiency and labor costs, and helps to continue ensuring regulatory compliance.
Check This Out Proactive Front End Management

Check This Out: Proactive Front End Management

By this point in our Improving Front End Management blog series, you have realized if you didn’t already know, that front end management is not an exact science. It requires instinct and experience, as well as a good set of tools, to enhance the customers’ last impression—the registers. It is critical that the front end be managed proactively, rather than reactively...
Clocking COVID-19 Automated Health Temperature Screening

Clocking the COVID-19 Virus With Automated Health and Temperature Screening

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. Customers and associates alike are looking to retailers to take the lead in ensuring a safe shopping and working environment. Automated health and temperature scanning technology represents a critical opportunity to reduce risk while boosting employee and shopper confidence. It demonstrates that you care, and it may be the best way to document that you took proactive steps when they were needed.
training for permanent workforce impacts of pandemic

The Long Haul: Training for the Permanent Workforce Impacts of the Pandemic

Keep your workforce informed and up to speed to meet the new normal. Social distance-friendly training options like eLearning and real-time communication deliver multiple avenues for ensuring your employees gain the knowledge they need as you manage through any conditions.
accounting for new normal how accurate are your labor forecasts

Accounting for the “New Normal:” How Accurate Are Your Labor Forecasts?

Adapting is key to retail success, especially now. But as you adopt new standards, it is also essential to consider how these changes affect your labor model—and keep it updated accordingly. This step will produce a higher-quality forecast, employee engagement and customer satisfaction!
Gen Z self-service apps help us help you

Gen Z POV: How Self-Service Apps Help Us Help You

Hear directly from Gen Z why employee self-service apps are so critical to incorporate into your retail operations. Make day-to-day tasks easier, improve productivity and increase job satisfaction. This benefits everyone across the whole organization and customers as well. What’s not to like?
It Takes a Village Labor Management Journey

It Takes a Village: Building a Support Team for Your Labor Management Journey

Your retail labor model’s success depends on many factors, including the extended internal and/or external resources of your village. Who is in your village? It depends on your organization’s size, skills and labor model journey maturity!
check it out front end

Check This Out: Maximizing Throughput With Effective Coaching

The next installment in our front end series is here. We now take it a step further and discuss ways to improve cashier performance to maximize throughput. Manager communication and coaching take center stage!
Scalpel or Machete Adjusting Labor Hours

Machete or Scalpel: Adjusting Labor Hours to Budget and Aligning to Goals

It is a challenge to adjust labor in retail stores and restaurants to meet budgeted objectives. This post explores traditional labor hour adjustment approaches and their problems, especially relating to store scheduling. We also suggest a more efficient, less painful approach!
check it out front end

Lane Configuration Optimization: Forecasting for the Future

Our retail front end examination continues with a look at how forecast accuracy supports improved throughput, queuing and employee scheduling. Getting it right yields big rewards: reduced shopping time, shrewd labor use choices, and ultimately, a positive impact on sales and profitability.